Without You I Wouldn’t…

Without you I wouldn't 1.pngYou impress me. You impress me more than you will ever know. You put your fear aside and kiss you family and loved ones goodbye, all to protect me, my neighbor, my friends. These are all strangers to you. People you might not ever get the chance to meet because its not humanly possible. I think that is what impresses me the most, the fact that you literally put your life on the line for people you might not ever know personally. I wish I had your patience, strength, and willingness that you have to lay your life down for this country. Just know that I envy you, because, well, without you I would not be able to do the things I am privileged each and every waking day to do.

Without you I wouldn’t…..
Be able to wake up without fear…. The fear of always being in danger. The fear of if I am going to be blessed to fall back asleep in my bed again tonight. The fear of not knowing where my family is or if I will ever get to see them again. Just that constant fear.
Be able to dance and celebrate and rejoice…. Celebrate the freedom and life that you supply me, and most importantly celebrate you. Dance the night away to live music, the radio, or just because I can. Because of you I can live a happy and full life.
Be able to meet you and thank you for your service…. I am the type of person who loves meeting my heroes and you are definitely my hero and if I never get to meet you personally just know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s be honest right now, how cool is it that I walk the streets of this country and I don’t have to know you at all except I see you are wearing the emblem of whatever service you may partake and I can just walk up to you and say thank you. That in itself starts a conversation that allows me to get to know you as and INDIVIDUAL and not just another person in this world. That simple sign opens me up to meeting bright, intelligent, funny, strong people who risks their life for me, again just a stranger.
Be who I am and who I aspire to be…. You protect me so I can grow in a healthy environment full of learning, love, and laughter. I am able to get an education. I am able to attend college. I am able to later raise a family with out fear of putting a child in danger when I decide to have kids. I am able to laugh, and smile, and cry, and feel all these emotions because again… that fear is lifted knowing you are here.
Be able to stand in honor of you during the pledge and National Anthem…. I am so boggled by how amazing it is that I have something that I can stand for and be proud of. And yes we are standing for this country as a whole, the veterans as a whole, the troops as a whole, but also you as an individual. The individual soldier you are. Not very many people realize that but just know that I do. I realize that yes its about our home and the troops but it is also a direct thank you to you and that I am proud of you too
In light of the upcoming holiday, I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your service and to all of the troops and branches that risk their life on a daily basis. You guys are beyond heroes and more than just another person on this Earth. You are strong willed, fearless, and well respected.

Thank you to the Armed Forces and God Bless America.

This has been you daily dose of Vitamin C.